Hypnotherapy in Crowborough with Nikki Bassett

nikki bassettHello my name is Nikki Bassett and I am a fully qualified, full time professional hypnotherapist specialising in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy treatments and I am based in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy are again finding favour as more and more people become dissatisfied with a “pill for any problem” approach.

We cannot ignore the impact that our thoughts and beliefs have on our well being and the Hypnosis techniques that I use focus on how changing your thoughts can have a direct impact upon the way that a person feels.

As a specific tool, Hypnosis has been around for over 100 years and has attracted both positive and negative press in that time.

The facts are that Hypnosis cannot make anybody do anything that they don’t want to do, but it can help people to achieve the things that they want to do by helping that person unlock their own inner potential.

I can offer assistance help with a wide range of other problems, such as Anxiety, Low Self-Confidence, Weight Control, common Phobias & Fears and many more than I can mention here.

To read about the problems that I can help you with using Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, go to my Problems Helped page or click any of the links below.

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About the Crowborough Hypnotherapy Clinic in East Sussex

My hypnotherapy clinic is based at 15 Payne Close in Crowborough.Nikki Bassett clinic

The clinic itself is a very comfortable, modern and private, just the right type of environment where you can feel free to discuss your particular problem in total confidentiality.

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If you’d like to arrange for a FREE initial consultation at my clinic, or if you have any queries that you’d like me to answer, the you can e-mail me on nikki@crowboroughhypnotherapy.co.uk, or call me on my mobile: 07979-517328, my land line: 01892-653855 or if you prefer, you can fill out my enquiry form here.

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